6 Types of Measuring Tools and Their Uses

Possessing a variety of measuring instruments isn't enough; the key lies in choosing the right ones to ensure precision and streamline the measuring process. This blog will introduce six essential measurement tools, detailing their specific uses and how they operate, ultimately enhancing measurement accuracy and saving time.

Types of Measuring Tools with Their Uses

1. Folding Rules

The folding measuring tool from Facom boasts a portable design for easy storage and can accurately mark lengths and distances up to 2 meters with a class 3 level of precision. Designed for robustness, it's the ideal instrument for achieving precision in various construction projects, whether indoors or outdoors. This versatile measuring tool is well-suited for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring consistent accuracy in tasks like measuring furniture, tiling, or constructing buildings. Its compact size and sturdy build make it an essential companion for those who require accurate measurements on the move.


2. Double Square

The double square serves a dual purpose, functioning as an angle measurement tool. It not only allows for the precise establishment of 45-degree angles but also serves to verify the accuracy of 90-degree angles. Equipped with two scales on both ends of the blade, this tool enables users to create measurements accurate to within 1/16th of an inch or 0.1mm. It's an indispensable instrument for carpenters and professionals who frequently rely on precise measurements.

The double square features a hardened steel blade that maintains its sharpness even through extended use, and it includes detailed instructions for blade sharpening in case it's needed.


3. Inside/Outside Micrometer

This device is designed to precisely gauge the thickness or diameter of metal and plastic, featuring a versatile mul-T-Anvil design. Its convenient adjustment system adds to its practicality. Whether you work in the metalworking or plastic moulding industry, this tool offers dependable and precise measurements. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and efficiency in your daily tasks.


4. Surface Round Gauge

This tool is specifically designed to measure the roundness of surfaces and the precision of cylindrical objects, making it useful for items such as pipes, rods, and shafts. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring that ball bearings meet specified tolerance levels. It consists of a dial gauge equipped with two adjustable arms on both sides. Widely employed in the manufacturing, engineering and mechanical industries, this tool excels in maintaining precision and accuracy, making it an invaluable asset in these fields.


5. Oil Sounding Tape

The oil-sounding tape is a trusted instrument for accurately assessing liquid levels and features a durable anodized light metal frame with white enamelled tape that ensures clear readings. Its extended tape measure makes it easy to determine the depths of various liquids in containers, guaranteeing precise measurements.

This device comprises two key components: a floating bob and a lengthy tape measure. Graduations are marked on the tape, allowing the user to gauge the depth of the liquid. The size of the bob varies depending on the type of liquid being measured, with smaller bobs utilized for measuring diesel fuel or water and larger ones suitable for more viscous liquids like petrol or crude oil.


6. Measuring Tape

When you pick up Heyco's measuring tape, its sleek design and robust construction are immediately noticeable. This tool makes measuring distances and object lengths a breeze with its comfortable soft-grip handle. The tape is conveniently marked with both metric and imperial units, offering seamless switching between measurement systems. Additional features like the stop function, nylon coating, magnet, and belt clip enhance ease of use and storage, making this measuring tape a versatile and dependable tool for a wide range of tasks.

 Take Away

Measurement plays a vital role in every project, whether it involves constructing a house or baking a cake. Its importance lies in the assurance of accuracy and the prevention of errors. Without the right tools for the job, any task would become a daunting challenge. Explore the top hardware shop online in Singapore, Chee Fatt for high-quality measuring instruments!