8 Tips for Maintaining Your Power Tools

Power tools are valuable assets and investment tools for any business or hobby. From heat guns to drill tools, the right power tools can considerably make your job easier and efficient at the same time.  However, without proper care and maintenance of power tools, the tools can quickly wear down, decrease tool performance and its longevity. Proper care and maintenance of your power tools is the key to long-lasting and dependable tools. There are some best practices for keeping your power tools in great conditions. Make sure to carry out regular maintenance and adhere to best practices to extend the lifespan of your power tools and provide better performances. Let’s check out these simple maintenance tips:

1. Avoid Overheating

Avoid Overheating



Overheating the power tool can damage the motor and its mechanical parts. It is important to be aware of the overheating risk they pose. This normally happens when you work through tough materials such as drilling into concrete or very thick and hard wood materials. Stop running the power tools when it is getting hot. Let your tools cool down for a few hours before resuming work again. If possible, try to find out the reason for overheating if it’s a constant issue. This simple step prevents your tools from overheating and burning out the parts and can save you a lot of money.

2. Avoid Moisture

Avoid Moisture



Keeping the tools dry helps to prevent rusting of metal parts. Moisture or wet conditions can cause rust to form on your power tools and damage the parts within the tools. The best solution is to place a silica gel pack into your storage containers or into the power tool cases to reduce moisture and humidity. To avoid moisture accumulating in the drawers, you may also consider investing in anti-rust liners.

3. Clean Regularly

Clean Regularly



Cleaning regularly is one of the basic maintenance practices that you should follow to prolong the life of your power tools and keep them in good condition. Clean and wipe the power tools with soft cloth after every use before storing them in a container or case. Gently clean off any debris or dust that accumulated on the surface of the tools, using a soft brush to clean the hard-to-reach parts.

4. Proper Tool Storage

Proper Tool Storage



The electrical components of power tools might be damaged if they encounter moisture. Hence, the power tools need to be stored properly in a dry and clean place after every use to maintain their good condition. Choose a cabinet with durable materials to store the power tools to avoid corrosion or rust of tools occurring. Store the power tools in a dry and clean cabinet or original case when not in use. Proper storage helps to prevent excessive dust and particles from entering the tools through the vents when the tools are not in use.

5. Lubricate Power Tools

Lubricate Power Tools



Lubrication is an essential step to keep the power tools operating smoothly without too much friction. As different lubricants have different grades and viscosity, using the right lubricants for your tools is important. Make sure to lubricate all the moving parts of the power tools to avoid corroding and chafing. Lightly spray the lubricant to the metal tool parts especially bolts and screw parts to avoid corrosion and rust. You may also check on your brand’s user manual to find out which lubricant to use and how to lubricate your tools correctly.

6. Sharpen Bits & Blades

Sharpen Bits & Blades



Worn out or dull drill bits and blades will decrease the tool performance and reduce the productivity of your job. The dull bits and blades may cause excessive load on the motor, resulting in damaging of the moving parts and motors of power tools. To avoid downtime or cost of repairs, always sharpen the bits and blades or replace them with a new one when needed.

7. Battery Care

Battery Care



Batteries are important to provide power supply to the cordless power tools. The performance of cordless tools may suffer when its battery drains of power. Short lifespan of batteries can be caused by over usage, charging/discharging cycles and high temperatures. Hence, charging the battery correctly is important to prolong the lifespan of the tools and batteries. Do not let your battery drain out completely before recharging. When the battery is overheating, let it to cool and don’t leave them directly under sunlight.

8. Check Regularly

Check Regularly



It is essential to inspect the condition and tool performance of the power tools after every use. Check the condition of the power cord and plug periodically to ensure they are not cracked, frayed, or damaged.  Remember to check the bolts and screws before use. Loosening bolts and screws when using the power tools may result in serious injuries and the risk of fire hazard. Always check the brand’s user manual for the maintenance guideline to maintain the condition of your power tools.

Keeping your power tools in good working conditions is important for safety reasons. This can help to ensure your tools are running at their best and achieve optimal longevity of your power tools. With these proper and simple maintenance tips above, you can enjoy superior performance of your power tools and get the most out of it.

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