Tool Storage Solutions To Manage Your Tools

Keeping your tools organized is crucial in ensuring a clean and safe working environment, and in turn such an environment would promote increased productivity and efficiency at the workplace. From light weight tool bags to industrial work stations, a wide variety of innovative tool storage solutions are available on the market, varying in size, design, and functionality. Here we will discuss the different types of popular tool storage solutions to help you make a right decision for your storage requirements.


Tool Boxes



Tool Boxes are one of the ultimate solutions to organize and keep all types of tools safely. Most Tool Boxes are built with waterproof plastics or durable metals that are light weight in design for easy carrying from site to site. These mechanics-level Tool Boxes are equipped with internal trays for organizing small sizes of tools and accessories and are secured by either metal or plastic lid latches. They are available in a wide selection of dimensions and designs and ideal for home use or professional use.


Tool Chests



Tool chests are compact and small size tool cabinets that are essential in any workshop as they provide optimum storage capacity to accommodate various types of tools. These high strength Tool Chests are equipped with multiple drawers which can keep and organize any tools safely and efficiently.  Some models come with wheels for easy transport of heavy tools. Most users would go the extra mile to customize cut out foams to secure their tools in the drawers for easy accessibility and identification. Companies like Chee Fatt in Singapore would be able to customize the foams to store your tools in your tool storages.


Tool Bags



The ideal Tool Bag should be lightweight, compact and heavy duty in design with handles or shoulder straps for easy portability. Tool bags are usually designed with internal and external pockets for organizing different types of tools in an effective manner. They can be used as a travel bag or a tool holder that keeps all your tools secure while you travel. Some tool bags come with large compartments that can easily fit bulky tools and are made of waterproof material for extra protection for your tools. Convenient and best suit for most professionals.


Tool Pouches



Tool Pouches are designed with different tool compartments for easy carriage and access to frequently used tools. Tool Pouches are often attached to your work belt and are ideal for carrying personal belongings and smaller accessories such as nails, screws, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and more. With a wide selection of designs and sizes, you can choose different styles of tool pouches to suit your needs. Ideal for electricians, carpenters, and plumbers.


Roller Cabinets



Built with high quality and sturdy steel for strength and durability, Roller Cabinets come with multiple drawers and spacious compartments with extra weight capacity for organizing and storing all types of large and heavy tools. This type of cabinet features built-in heavy-duty wheels for easy transportation of the tools. The upper surface of the cabinets provides a convenient mobile worktop for general repairs and maintenance tasks.  Ideal for industrial automotive or workshop environments. Companies like Chee Fatt in Singapore would be able to customize the foams to store your tools in each roller cabinet drawer.


Work Stations



Work Stations are ultimate multi-purpose tool storage that offer superior large compartments and multiple drawers for large storage capacity. These Work Stations can be transformed into an extremely stable and portable workspace in a functional way. It usually features a centralized locking system for keeping your tools safely. Easy maneuverability and manage your tools effectively. One of the most popular choices among professionals. Companies like Chee Fatt in Singapore would be able to customize the foams to store your tools in each roller cabinet drawer.


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