The FACOM brand is associated with the great advances of the century. The automotive industry, rail, aviation, aerospace, and great adventures such as deep-sea exploration, space travel, medical progress, high technology, extreme sports, monuments and the greatest construction projects of the time carry the brand's seal.

Facom first started selling its only product, the spanner, before innovations started to multiply. Facom now manufactures electrical tools, fastening tools, measuring tools, impact sockets, hand and power tools, TOUGHSYSTEM storage system and many more.

Facom products are manufactured largely in their 4 European and French plants and sold at Chee Fatt Co. Pte Ltd, Singapore.

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  1. $4,976.60

    Set, Tool Agricultural Maintenance Caterpillar Equipment 145 Pcs, (CU.V12)

  2. $1,508.82

    Set, Tool Agricultural Maintenance Metric Farm Machinery CM.AG4 With 5 Compartment Tool Box BT.13A, (2146.MAG4)

  3. $926.93

    Set, Tool Agricultural Maintenance Metric 29 Pcs With 3 Compartment Box BT.9, (2145.MAG1)

  4. $829.28

    Set, Tool Drivers Metric Touring Kit 24 Pcs Soft Case, (2024.M)

  5. $1,244.86

    Set, Tool Drivers Metric Over Land Kit 49 Pcs In Dual Access Case, (2049.M)

  6. $836.64

    Set, Tool Insulated Electricians Tool Kit 9 Pcs 350 x 120 x 120, FACOM (2180B.VSE)

  7. $104.65

    1/4'' Drive Ratchet Handle Fast Action Twist 120mm, Steel, FACOM (R.360)

  8. $83.17

    1/4'' Drive Ratchet Ultra Compact Bit 158mm, Steel, FACOM (R.PE)

  9. $109.44

    1/4''-5/16'' Drive Ratchet Holder Bit Wrench 150mm, Steel, FACOM (65.PE)

  10. $20.03

    1/4'' Drive Sliding Tee 115mm, Steel, FACOM (R.120A)

  11. $19.13

    1/4” Drive Spinner Short 158mm, Steel, FACOM (R.236A)

  12. $20.67

    1/4'' Drive Spinner Long 260mm, Steel, FACOM (R.227A)

  13. $12.73

    1/4'' Drive Extension 55mm, Steel, FACOM (R.209)

  14. $33.00

    1/4'' Drive Extension Flexible 150mm, Steel, FACOM (R.216)

  15. $13.66

    1/4'' Drive Coupler Female - 3/8'' Male, Steel, FACOM (R.232)

  16. $15.94

    1/4'' Drive Holder Bit, Steel, FACOM (R.235)

Grid List

Items 33-48 of 6307

Set Descending Direction