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  1. Temperature Probe For Needle Standard Probe, FACOM (DX.12-11)
    Temperature Probe

    Temperature Probe, FACOM

    • Facom

    Manufacturer Code Diameter (mm) Product SKU Price
    DX.12-11 Standard Needle Probe
    DX.12-17 Surface Contact Probe
    DX.12-08 Bracelet Probe
    DX.12-15 Extension 
    DX.12R Air Probe
  2. $610.26

    Digital Multimeter [711APB] For Repairing Electronic Or Electromechanical Assemblies And For Teaching, FACOM (711A)

  3. $632.01

    Clip On Ammeter, Compatible With Most Mulltimeters, , FACOM (711A.P500)

  4. $982.93

    Multimeter [712PB] For Mobile Maintenance, FACOM (712A)

  5. $227.43

    Tester Safety, DAT VAT, Auto Test, Hazardous Voltage Detection, FACOM (701B)

  6. $296.89

    Thermometer Combination Electronic, Infrared Thermometer With Laser Aiming, FACOM (DX.T100)

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