CHEE FATT - Enerpac’s Longest Serving Distributor in S.E. Asia

Singapore-based Chee Fatt Co Pte Ltd maintains its position as the Enerpac group's longest-serving distributor in the South East Asia region. Chee Fatt has represented the global hydraulics company Enerpac for more than 40 years, providing high quality pumping, lifting, professional bolting, and other products to the oil and gas, mining and energy, marine and offshore, aerospace, and broader industrial markets.  
Founded in 1962, the Singapore company has grown to become one of the largest distributors of industrial equipment and tools in South-East Asia, an achievement recognized twice by the Singapore Enterprise 50 Awards, which honor local companies that have contributed to Singapore's economic development.  
“We were very grateful to receive the Enerpac and Singapore Enterprise 50 awards at this stage of our development, because they recognize our family’s commitment to relationships based on quality, service, fairness, respect for customers and industry knowledge,” said Chee Fatt Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr Desmond Poh.  
As the third generation to join the company since its inception in Singapore's old hardware district at Sungei Road, Mr Poh and his brother, Director of Sales, Ivan Poh, represent a strong presence in the new generation.Today the company operates from a spacious, modern office, warehouse and workshop complex at 54 Tanjong Penjuru in the heart of Singapore’s industrial area.  
“Our philosophy has always been to represent key brands respected by industry and Enerpac is definitely one of those famous brands. The brands we represent are world renowned and are all known for their reliability and safety. They have been tried and tested in various industries across the world,” says Desmond Poh.  
“At the same time, Chee Fatt has ready stock to cater to our customers’ urgent requirements, so it does add to their cost efficiencies since we minimize their down time. Customers have come to rely on our expertise and recommendation for tools that get their job done and on time. Our directors have in total more than 100 years’ worth of tools experience within the industries we service.  
“Service back-up is critical to our customers. Definitely, it’s one of the reasons why they continue to buy Enerpac even though there are many alternatives available. They know that there is a reliable and accountable company behind the Enerpac brand they can go to in times of need.  
“Chee Fatt also appreciates the service we get from Enerpac, which has provided strong service as well as sales referral support for us and to our customers. They have been very prompt in responding to our customers’ queries as well as in repair service turnaround. At the same time, we have done many joint visits together to our customers, so on a technical level they have supported us on this.  
Enerpac Country Leader South East Asia, Joseph Wang, presented the Long Standing Distributor Award to Chee Fatt at Enerpac’s most recent meeting of SE Asia distributors, which was the largest Enerpac distributor meeting ever held in South East Asia.  
“The efforts and support of distributors such as Chee Fatt provide the underlying strength required for Enerpac to succeed in this way, expanding strongly in demanding markets where only the best supplier and product will flourish,” said Mr Wang.  

“We are proud to have Chee Fatt as our longest serving distributor and look forward to continuing to support them in their long-established business partnerships and in their new ventures.”

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CHEE FATT- Enerpac’s Longest Serving Distributor in S.E. Asia