Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic, also known as "CP", is an industrial manufacturer providing power tools, air compressors, generators, light towers, and hydraulic equipment. CP is active on markets such as tools for industrial production, vehicle service, maintenance repair operation for mining, construction, infrastructure equipment.

CP products include angle grinders, drills, impact wrenches, scalers, and many more.

Chicago Pneumatic products are available at Chee Fatt Co.Pte Ltd, Singapore.

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  1. $557.74

    Scribe Air, CP Industrial/ Engraver Pen, c/w Air Filter, Air Hose, Stylus, 1/4'' NPTF Air Inlet, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP9361)

  2. $152.10

    Grinder Die, Heavy Duty, Straight, Pneumatic, 1/4'' (6mm) Collet, Lever Handle, Free Speed-27,000 Rpm, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP9105Q-B)

  3. $168.46

    Grinder Die, Heavy Duty, Straight, Extended Anvil, Pneumatic, 1/4'' (6mm) Collet,, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP9110Q-B)

  4. $478.72

    Drill, 3/8'' (10mm), Pneumatic, Heavy Duty, Keyed Chuck, Free Speed 2600 Rpm, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP1117P26)

  5. $167.72

    Drill, Angle, 90 Degree, 3/8'' (10mm), Reversible, Pneumatic, HD, Keyed Chuck, Free Speed 1800 Rpm

  6. $635.22

    Grinder Angle, Heavy Duty, Pneumatic, 5'' (125mm), Lever Handle, Spindle M14 x 2, Free Speed-12,000 Rpm, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP3450-12AA5)

  7. $635.22

    Grinder Angle, Heavy Duty, Pneumatic, 4'' (100mm), Lever Handle, Spindle 3/8''-24, 12,000 Rpm, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP3450-12AC4)

  8. $216.68

    Wrench Impact, 1/2'' Square Drive, Pneumatic, Working Torque FWD 69Nm - 770 Nm (51FtLb - 568Ft/lb), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP7736)

  9. $490.83

    Grinder Die, Pneumatic, 1/8'' (3mm) Collet, Free Speed 60,000 Rpm, Length 6'', 1/4'' Air Inlet, CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP3000-600CR)

  10. $211.86

    Wrench Ratchet, 3/8'' Square Drive, Pneumatic, Max.Torque FWD 14Nm - 68Nm, (10Ftlb - 50Ftlb), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (CP828)

  11. $65.81

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP7540, CP7545, CP7550), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (8940173442)

  12. $20.87

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP7736), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (8940171161)

  13. $76.24

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP7120), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (2050506933)

  14. $76.24

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP9105Q-B & CP9110Q-B), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (8940168879)

  15. $56.18

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP1014P24), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (2050555513)

  16. $68.21

    Kit, Tune Up Repair (For CP1117P26), CHICAGO PNEUMATIC (2050552333)

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