Enerpac Tools For Shutdown and Maintenance

In the event of any plant shutdown or maintenance, having reliable tools and supplies are essential for ensuring the safety of the maintenance personnel as well as the on-time completion of the project. The use of any inappropriate tools during any emergency shutdown or maintenance could lead to delays and possibly incur greater costs or work injuries. This is more so the case if the job in question requires specific technical tools to get the job done. Here, we'll explore some of Enerpac's diverse selection of industry leading hydraulic equipment that are widely considered to be the best in class where safety and operational efficiency is concerned.


1. Low Profile Torque Wrenches

Low Profile Torque Wrenches

Use Enerpac’s HMT-Series Torque Wrenches for any industrial bolting applications in a much more cost-effective way. The modular design of HMT torque wrenches allows the user to carry out bolting jobs that require either low profile cassettes or square drives. This innovation makes the HMT Series a great choice for engineers looking for versatile tools to cover a huge range of bolting applications (excluding the HMT13000 which can only operate low profile cassettes). The HMT-Series torque wrenches feature lightweight portability and versatility, making them interchangeable with cassettes not just from Enerpac, but also compatible with other brands. These Torque Wrenches are widely used in the oil and gas industry for repairing and maintaining flanges along the pipeline. HMT-Series Torque Wrenches cover a range of sizes and torque output to suit jobsite specific requirements.


2. Square Drive Torque Wrenches

Low Profile Torque Wrenches

Enerpac's DSX Series Square Drive Aluminium Torque Wrenches are lightweight, high-strength and comes with a fully enclosed drive for maximum operator safety. These wrenches offer fast operation with a 35° rotation angle and rapid return stroke as well as deliver constant torque output to ensure high accuracy throughout the stroke. Torque wrenches come in a wide range of sizes and torque outputs to meet different applications. They are commonly used in the oil and gas industry such as fastening bolts and nuts on hydraulic flanges and assembling offshore platform oil rig modules.


3. Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

GT-Series Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners are a type of universal and multi-purpose tool that can achieve accurate pre-load simultaneously on one or more fasteners with leak-free connection on critical joints. Enerpac GT-Series Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners feature twin ports for quick connection of multiple tools, providing versatility and increasing productivity. Available in both metric and imperial sizes, various fastener range and load capacities to suit different job requirements. These accurate and reliable Bolt Tensioners provide a safe, efficient, and huge time-saving solution for critical maintenance works. Ideal for hard-tight joint applications such as assembly of multiple flanges and removing stubborn studs from an equipment.


4. Air Driven Hydraulic Foot Pumps

  Air Driven Hydraulic Foot Pumps

XA-Series Air Driven Hydraulic Foot Pumps with variable oil flow and fine metering provide greater productivity and precise control of hydraulic oil flow. The closed hydraulic system allows the pumps to be used in any position and prevents contamination. These pumps provide hands free operation and are easy to operate at a stable working position by foot. Available in various oil capacity (litres) and valve types to meet different hydraulic applications. These high-performance pumps are often used to power cylinders, bringing new levels of efficiency to the process.


5. Back-Up Spanners

        Back-Up Spanners  

Introducing Enerpac’s Back-Up Spanners, a hands-free tool engineered to prevent over tightening and damaging to your equipment during fastening. Unlike traditional spanners, Back-Up Spanners operate hands free, spark free, and won't lock onto the nut during operations. Therefore, improving safety and speeding the bolting process. 12 models are available in metric and imperial hex sizes – 27mm to 120mm AF & 1-1/16” to 4 1-5/16” AF.



6. Flange Alignment Tool

        Flange Alignment Tool  

Discover Enerpac’s Flange Alignment Tools. These tools provide a faster and safer way to rectify twist and rotational misalignment. Featuring lightweight design, portability and are easy to carry and installed in any position. These high-performance tools reduce the set-up times without the use of chains, pulleys or rigs, making them easy to use in remote locations. Available in both metric and imperial sizes to meet different job requirements. Mostly used for flanges repair and maintenance.



7. Nut Splitters

        Nut Splitters  

Repairs and maintenance tasks can be safer, more efficient, and without damaging joint components with Enerpac’s Nut Splitters. Featuring quick, easy cutting tip replacement and single-acting spring return power heads, the Nut Splitters remove any stubborn seized nuts quickly and safely without the risk of damaging them. The Nut Splitters come in a wide selection of capacity to split various bolts and hexagon nut sizes. They are suitable for use on bolted pipeline flange joints.



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