Introduction of Enerpac’s New Products

Enerpac Partners Conference 2022 was held recently In Singapore to showcase Enerpac’s latest new hydraulic products and provide a learning platform on their innovative hydraulic solutions. Let’s check out the new hydraulic solutions from Enerpac.


RC Trio Series Cylinders

Introducing Enerpac’s upgraded RC Trio range of Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, featuring a new “Trio” Bearing System for enhanced durability and a new Hybrid Spring-Return System for fast retraction and increased productivity.

With the Trio Bearing System, there are up to four high-performance wear bands that provide increased resistance to damage and reduced bearing load. New high-grade Polyethylene seals are included for greater durability and longevity. As part of the trio bearing system, the trip stop rings include an extra wear band to absorb greater side load. The new Trio Spring System is also equipped with hybrid pre-tensioned return springs, which are designed for up to 3X faster retraction and increased productivity (on 50, 75, and 100 Ton models).  The new upgraded RC Trio Cylinders are fully compatible with existing systems and fittings. 

SCJ Series Self-Locking Cube Jack

SCJ Series Self-Locking Cube Jack offers a new compact and portable hydraulic solution for incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. The Cube Jack is equipped with a portable jacking system that utilizes base lifting frames and self-aligning, lightweight steel cribbing blocks instead of using wooden cribbing materials, thus offering a safe and more efficient alternative to the jack-and-pack method with wooden cribbing. The cribbing blocks can be easily handled and the fork pockets and lifting rings are included for effortless positioning. The SCJ Cube Jack has a small footprint and is ideal for use in confined spaces, providing heavy lift contractors with a stable lift of up to 2 metres. The compact size and portability of Self-Locking Cube Jacks provide a powerful and efficient solution for a wide range of applications such as equipment maintenance, vehicle uploading or jacking a transformer, module, or bridge.

MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates

Enerpac MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates provide a cost-effective, stable and versatile solution for moving heavy equipment and machinery in restrictive areas. There are three versions available in this series which includes MLSR Rotational Skates, MLSF Steerable Skates and MLSD Dual Trailing Rear Skates. MLSF and MLSD skates are also available in sets.

MLSR Rotational Skates are ideal for tight maneuvers with 360-degree rotational movement. Available in 3.3 tons to 8.8 tons capacities. MLSF Steerable Skates are used for general applications where full rotation is not required. MLSD Dual Trailing Rear Skates are fixed for use with steerable front skates.

As MLS-Series Machine Skates feature low height construction, they are an ideal companion for Enerpac heavy lifting equipment when smooth, precise movement is priority. The Wheeled Machine Skates are equipped with the robust bearings that provide low rolling resistance for precise positioning of the load and durability as well as durable polyurethane wheels to prevent damage to the floor. Available in a wide range of load capacities from 3 tons to 35 tons, set capacities from 6 tons to 70 tons. Enerpac Wheeled Machine Skates are the economical choice for moving machines and heavy equipment, offering a variety of load capacities, wheel types and connecting bars.

LHSK Series Low-Height Skidding System

Discover the Low-Height Skidding System from Enerpac that offers an ideal solution with its 2-in-1 design for confined space or hard to reach areas. The Low-Height Skidding System is capable of jacking and sliding heavy loads over a pre-constructed track. The Low-Height Skidding System is equipped with a series of skid beams moved by hydraulic push-pull units that can travel over a preconstructed track. To reduce the friction, a series of special PTFE-coated pads are placed on the skid beams that travel synchronously. If the support surface is not fully supported or when spanning a gap is required, it can be used either on a fully supported or combined optional track supports for additional rigidity.

ETT Series Turntables

Enerpac’s new line of industrial Turntables facilitate safe repositioning and handling of heavy or oversize loads up to 200 tons and 400 tons (225 and 450 imperial tons) respectively. As an integral part of critical handling of heavy or oversized components and systems, the ETT-Series Turntable allows smooth, precision rotation before, during, or after skidding or lifting operations, including transformers, generators, motors, and engines. ETT-Series Industrial Turntables are designed with compact size to safely rotate nearly any large or heavy load in restricted space. With Enerpac hydraulic pumps, the Turntables provide smooth, tightly controlled rotational power. Featuring a durable hardwood surface, 10,000 PSI (700 bar) cylinders and 360-degree, bi-directional rotating capabilities made possible by a highly accessible cylinder ratcheting system.

This Enerpac Turntable Series are the perfect solutions for efficient maintenance, repair, and operations, providing a direct transfer destination for heavy skidded or lifted loads, letting operators perform service directly on the platform itself, or accurately positioning the load and setting the stage for removal from the site location.

Safe T Torque Checker

Enerpac Safe T Torque Checker is a mobile, compact safety device that allows the end users to test the system on-site, instantly validating the performance of the entire system to be used. This Safe T Torque Checker can be used to validate and test the exact torque system (wrench, pump, hose, etc) to give an accurate digital readout. With this Safe T Torque Checker, users can verify if the torque system is safe to operate, functioning correctly and within the desired safety parameters. The system displays a digital readout showing the actual torque output of the whole hydraulic system, including accessories such as the hoses and pump to validate that the entire system accuracy of the torque reading is within +/- 1%.

Ideal for use on the road with its durable internal 3,6V, 2.2Ah Lithium-ion battery, packed in one compact carry case. Features versatility and simplicity, the Safe T Torque Checker can test all Enerpac S, W, RSL, HMT and DSX-Series wrenches of both square drive and hexagon cassettes up to the maximum capacity of the Torque Checker.

SFM Split-Flow Manifolds

Improve safety on basic simultaneous lifting applications with the Enerpac SFM Split-Flow Manifolds. The SFM-Series offer an economical solution for basic multi-point simultaneous lifting applications and enables a single operator to control a maximum of 4 lifting points from one manifold. The Split-Flow Manifolds are equipped with pressure compensated flow control valves, to preset and limit advance and retract speed of each cylinder. Pressure gauges are installed in each outlet pressure line to check the working pressure of each cylinder. Two types of manifolds are available: the SFM41 for single acting cylinders and the SFM42 for double acting cylinders. For projects requiring more than 4 lift points, you can add extra SFM manifolds to the same pump to allow the simultaneous operation of 8, 12 or 16 cylinders.


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