Tool Storages and Tool Sets

For professionals and hobbyists into tools and hardware, searching for the right industrial tools supplier is important. Getting a tool storage for existing tools or even getting an off-the-shelf tool set can be daunting given the variety of choices out there. This guide will explore toolbox as well as tool set choices at Chee Fatt, a well-known hardware store in South East Asia, offering insights into the ideal choices that that are available.

1. Enerpac Tool Storage Cases

Enerpac, a brand name synonymous with High Quality Hydraulic Lifting Jacks and Bolting Tools. Explore some of their tool storages with this overview. Available in various sizes and capacities, all Enerpac tool storages are designed to protect your equipment from dust, water and dirt. They are constructed of heavy-duty steel and painted with rust resistant primer and finished in durable enamel. They are lockable and come fitted with heavy duty lockable clasps, hinges and lifting handles.

CM Series Industrial Storage Cases, Case Size: 0.67 - 16 Cubic Feet: This toolbox is to

protect your equipment from dust, water, grease and dirt.

  • Different case size available, 0.67 - 16 Cubic Feet
  • Durable steel, painted with rust-resistant primer and finished in durable enamel.
  • Heavy duty hinges and lifting handles, reduce losses on the jobsite.


2. Stanley Toolboxes

Stanley, a brand name recognized for their top quality, provides a selection of toolboxes known for durability and convenience. Here's a look at some of their notable products:

16" Toolbox with Slide-In Organizer : This compact yet spacious toolbox is ideal for those who need a lightweight option with ample storage.

  • Compact design with spacious interior for storing various tools.
  • Features a slide-in organizer on the top lid for smaller items and accessories.
  • Durable plastic build that can withstand rough handling.
  • A built-in padlock eye for securing your tools.
  • Affordable price point, making it suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

17.5" Flat Top Toolbox : This toolbox is known for its strong build and flat top design, making it a popular choice.

  • Known for its sturdy build, designed to handle heavy-duty usage.
  • The flat top design allows for stacking of other toolboxes or materials on top.
  • Large metal latches provide secure closure and easy access.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle for easy transport.

3-in-1 Mobile Work Center, Rolling Toolbox : This mobile work center is a game-changer for professionals seeking a portable solution for their tools.

  • A versatile tool storage solution that combines a toolbox, a portable organizer, and a wheeled cart.
  • Telescopic handle and durable wheels for easy mobility on job sites.
  • Multiple compartments and drawers for organizing tools and accessories.
  • Able to manage substantial weight, providing a convenient method to transport heavy tools.
  • Ideal for professionals who require both mobility and organization.


3. Facom Toolboxes

Facom is well-known for its innovative and high-quality tool storage solutions. Here are a few recommended products:

Tool Box, 26'' (66cm) : This premium toolbox is designed for individuals who requires a spacious and secure storage solution.

  • A spacious toolbox designed for professionals that own a wide range of tools.
  • High-quality construction for durability and security.
  • Equipped with multiple part bins in tool box for easy organising
  • Lockable system to secure valuable tools.


4. Heyco Tool Storage and Tool Sets

Heyco offers a versatile tool set that meets various needs:

 VDE Tool Set Combined Insulated 9 Pcs #49-5, With Plastic Box: This set includes 9 pieces of insulated tools, ideal for electrical work that requires safety and precision. The tools come in a compact plastic box with dimensions of 370 x 270 x 56mm, ensuring convenient storage and portability.

  • Comprehensive set catering to professional needs.
  • Good insulation for safety during electrical work.
  • Handy plastic box for organized tool storage and easy transport.

Tool Set Expert-Plus 2 #65-52-AF, 43 Pcs, In Plastic Box: This extensive 43-piece tool set features chrome-plated, polished tools, all neatly organized in a plastic box measuring 480 x 345 x 95mm. It's currently out of stock, but its wide range of tools makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of tasks​​.

  • Strong build that ensures durability and security.
  • Smart organization of tools aided by multiple compartments and trays.
  • Secure storage with a lockable system for valuable tools.
  • Handy plastic box for easy portability and accessibility.

Tools Box With 3 Trays #1023: This toolbox features 3 trays and provides an additional storage solution measuring a dimension of 420 x 150 x 230. Although it's out of stock at the moment, it's an ideal option to keep smaller tools and accessories organized and easily accessible​​.

  • Multiple compartments, trays, and drawers for specific organization of various tools.
  • Tailored for professionals, providing ample space for a wide range of tools.
  • Equipped with a lockable system to ensure the safety of valuable tools.


5. Proto Tool Sets

Proto is renowned for their high-quality tools and their tool sets offer an off-the-shelf ready to use tools if you’re looking to set up a new workshop. Check out these products:

Tool Set, 3/8'' Dr. Starter Set 67 Pcs : This comprehensive starter tool set includes 67 pieces of tools and is designed for small scale maintenance work.

  • Comes with a durable toolbox for easy organization and transport.
  • Available in metric sizes


6. DeWalt Toolboxes

DeWalt Toolboxes are strong, durable containers that keep tools organized and protected. These toolboxes are trusted by many workers for their storage and ease of transportation. Here is an overview of DeWalt toolboxes available at Chee Fatt:

Tough System DS400 Deep Box: This toolbox is dust and water-resistant (IP65 rated) and has

dimensions of 554 x 408 x 371mm, making it a highly durable and spacious option for storing a variety of


Tough System DS300 Mid Box: This mid-sized toolbox shares the dust and water-resistant qualities of the DS400 measuring 554 x 308 x 371mm, it offers slightly more compact yet equally durable storage solution​.

Shallow TSTAK IP54 Toolbox: This model offers a more compact size of 440 x 162 x 333mm with an IP54 rating, suitable for those who needs a smaller, yet durable storage solution​​.

Shallow Tough System DS166 Toolbox: This compact toolbox offers an IP65 rating and measures 554 x 165 x 371 mm, combining durability with a slimmer design. ​

Selecting the Right Toolbox and Tool Sets

Choosing the right equipment involves several considerations:

  • Size and Capacity: Assess the size of your tool collection and potential future additions. Ensure that the chosen toolbox can accommodate your current and future needs.
  • Portability: Consider how often you'll be moving your tools around. If mobility is a key factor, look for toolboxes with wheels, handles, or backpack-style straps.
  • Durability: Your toolbox should be able to withstand the environments you work in. Look for durable materials and construction quality that can handle daily wear and tear.
  • Organization: A toolbox with compartments and organizers can drastically improve efficiency by keeping tools easily accessible and organized.
  • Security: For those concerned about tool safety, especially in shared spaces, consider a toolbox with lockable features.
  • Application: What are the tools going to be used for, do you need them to be insulated? Explosion proof? What are the sizes and units of measurement you need? These need to be taken into account when selecting tool sets.
  • Brand Reputation: Brands like Enerpac, Stanley, Heyco, and Facom have established reputations for quality. Choosing a reputable brand can guarantee its quality and durability.


Looking for a suitable toolbox and tools set is an essential investment for anyone handling tools. It boosts productivity, safeguards your tools, and it can significantly improve your work experience as well. With a diverse range of options available at Chee Fatt, ranging from Stanley's adaptable toolboxes and Facom's inventive storage solutions, you'll surely find a toolbox tailored to your requirements. A well-organized, durable, and functional toolbox is an invaluable asset for any craftsman, enhancing productivity and safeguarding tools quality for the long term.