Arbor Press Frame, 10 Ton, ENERPAC (A310)

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M/C A310

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Arbor Press Frame, 10 Ton

  • Foot mounting holes for horozontal or vertical positioning
  • Machined work surfaces for easier fixturing
  • Slotted back to simplify loading and unloading of longer parts


  Imperial Metric
Maximum Operating Pressure 10,000 psi 700 bar
Press Capacity - 89 kN
Capacity 10 (imperial tons) 89 kN
Maximum Vertical Daylight 9.06 in 227 mm
Maximum Bed Width 5.31 in 135 mm
Compatible Cylinders RC101,RC102,RC104,RC106,RC108,RC1010,RC1012,RC1014 RC101,RC102,RC104,RC106,RC108,RC1010,RC1012,RC1014
Weight 62 lbs 28 kg



Capacity (Tons)


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